What is Homam?

Homam is, with the mantra, through agni worshiping the Devathas with appropriate Thiraviyam.

The Agni sends the essence of these to the respective deity.

Devathas get satisfied with the Homam we do and grace us.


Why should we do Homam?

Mantra Homams are a way for us to communicate with the Devathas.

The frequency of the Mantra sakthi gives strength to our minds. The Gods in the magical form remove the forces that were blocking our way.

The Rishis have designed Homams as an act similar to that of sitting on earth and fixing a satellite in the universe so that it can be easily used for daily life.

Sudarsanaya Swaha, then there must come the Chakarathazhvar, which is the true commandment of the Vedas. The Devatha comes with grace to bless us when called upon.  So, by understanding the sacredness of homams and performing them at least once a year, you can benefit from this, which will also bring positive vibrations to your homes.