Rudra Agarbatti Duo



30 Sticks, 60 Sticks

Indulge in the divine essence with Poojai’s Agarbatti Duo – the perfect blend of fragrances to elevate your spiritual experience.

Quantity: 2

Poojai’s Rudra Premium Agarbatti:

Experience the tranquil power of Rudra Premium Agarbatti, crafted with love and purity by soulful women. These charcoal-free, 100% natural agarbattis bring a refreshing and long-lasting fragrance that relaxes your nerves, enhances your mood, and purifies the air.

Rudra Gold Agarbatti:

Step into a realm of serenity with Rudra Gold Agarbatti. Handmade with divinity and purity, these eco-friendly agarbattis emit a calming fragrance that spreads positivity, soothes your mind and body, and purifies the air. Create a spiritual aura and set the perfect ambiance for inner peace.


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