Poojai was born out of a prayer from the soul to present all pooja related products under one platform. We are highly passionate in offering only premium quality products, manufactured under a strict, controlled and ritually correct environment. Our attention to detail makes our product stand out from a crowd and therefore fulfils our customer’s religious and cultural needs.

Our mission is to keep our customers inherently satisfied and happy by maintaining a high level of professionalism and fairness throughout the entire process. We innovate and research on a constant basis in order to maintain our standards and offer the latest and most advanced options. We strive to forever maintain our quality and thus provide utmost value for money, thereby winning the love and loyalty of our customers.

Our vision for the society:

Poojai believes in creating an inclusive culture and equal environment where every woman is able to attain the knowledge and skills, to learn new crafts and explore their innate potential. We would like to foster growth and development within women and steer systemic change, especially in socially and economically challenged communities, converting places of work to havens of opportunity, inclusivity and equality. Therefore, we provide livelihood for rural women in order to award them dignity and financial freedom.