The Glory of Pooja

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Pooja is the eternal path to peace, happiness, and absolving ourselves of sins. Pooja is a ceremonial worship of what we deem divine and to seek blessings and love. Worshiping the divine increases our spiritual vibrations and helps to do away with negativity. The divine forces in our lives seek to keep us surrounded with positive energy that can bring serenity and prosperity.

Poojas are customarily performed with gods and idols in temples and houses. Performing pooja is a symbol of showing reverence to the divine, surrendering your mind, body, ideas, desires, actions, and belongings to all that is considered sacred, and enjoying the fruit of joy, hope, and goodness showered by the divinity.

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The Essence behind Puja

The term Puja (Pooja) is a Sanskrit word that means reverence, honor, praise, and worship. The word puja originated from “Dravidian pu” which means flower or history. The word “Puja” holds immense meaning where the term “Pu” refers to purifying or making pure, and the term “Ja” means birth.

Thus, Puja means purifying one’s birth or life. In the distant past, puja may have been used to ask for forgiveness through ritual cleansing, to get rid of the sins of the past and past lives, for peace and prosperity, or better yet, the next birth.

The benefits of perfoming Pooja

Pooja is the best way to invoke the presence of the divine in your home and heart. Through worship, you can purify yourself and increase your ability to absorb the spiritual energy evoked from the pooja. Starting each day with pooja gives you the right mindset and the strength to face the challenges of life, optimistically. By performing poojas, you will be able to open yourself to receiving the joy of positive thinking, good health, a peaceful family life, and a determination to overcome any and all challenges that life puts forth to you. Moreover, pooja creates a stronger connection between yourself and the divine and helps you to transform into the best version of yourself.

Pooja Samagri and their significance

Any holy pooja isn’t complete without an array of sacred pooja samagri. Each pooja samagri has its own unique significance and divine essence that scientifically benefits you and your surroundings. The most essential pooja samagri are;

  • Deepam spreads positivity and ensures good health and a peaceful environment.
  • Agarbatti purifies the air and emits freshness.
  • Dhoop cones spread a pleasant fragrance and goodness.
  • Vibhuti is the sacred ash that gives positive energy and purifies the soul.
  • Kum Kum has a divine fragrance that connects you spiritually with the divine.
  • Turmeric symbolizes sanctity, spiritual vitality, and prosperity.
  • The sandal is a sacrosanct powder that keeps our mind and body calm and focused with holy fragrance.
  • Flowers soothe your soul and give you a pleasant feeling.

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